Valet parking

Bring a touch of prestige to your events or for your clients by offering them a personalized valet parking service.

We are available for all kinds of transport and we adapt to your request in any situation.

We take care of the movements of your customers in complete safety from point A to point B, in a setting of luxury and comfort. Enjoy high quality service from our various valets who will be happy to drive you to the desired location and meet your various expectations.

We will adapt our services to your needs: from simple transport, to parking management, including welcoming your customers on arrival.

Reception - Support

Offer a welcome service worthy of your event thanks to & Co. and its valets.

This position plays an important role in the perceived quality of it: It is the first and the last person to be in contact with your customers or guests. Our valets welcome them and immediately remove all parking restrictions.

This service will give prestige to your event while improving the quality of the reception and thus, a certain advantage over the competition.

Airport transfer & Co. offers you a driver and a hostess to welcome your clients, speakers or guests at the airport or at the train station. They take care of their transfer in a comfortable vehicle according to the number of people expected.

Parking management

In order to optimize the space of your car park, & Co. and its team of car park managers take care of parking or having the vehicles parked according to a schematic organization and thus facilitate the arrival and departure of your guests. .